B-day baking!

Haven't done that much baking lately, didn't have the time during the holydays but now I'm back! Had my b-day party today, well wasn't a party really but we can pretend that it was anyway.

I baked ALOT for today! In Sweden we have an expression that say "seven types of cockies". I have no idea where it comes from, it's just some thing that you soposed to have when you have people over for cockies i guess. But I've always liked the idea of serving seven types of cockies but never hade the time or enough energy to actually do it.
But for this years birthday I decides to go for it and I did! It really came out awesome! I'm so happy that I really made it happend! With a little help from the boyfriend though which I'm for ever gratefull for! I will publish all the recepies, but not right now. I thougt it could be fun to do one a day for a week since it's seven of them so the first one will come tomorrow :) But here is a sneak peek ;)


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