Japanese Cheesecake

I love everything that's cheesecake related. I love frozen cheescake, New York cheesecake, brownies with cheesecake, ice cream with cheesecake, the list could go on and on forever. So when I was scaning the web for a asian dessert for our asian 3 cours meal this past Sunday you can understand my happiness when I found the recipe for a Japanese cheesecake! I had never heard of it before but it sounded and looked delicious! It was said to be like a sponge that almost melted in your mouth. How can you not whant to make that?!

So said and done I put i all together sunday afternoon (after noticing that I'd bought the wrong cream cheese.. Had taken garlic and herb flavoured!), it was a bit tricky but it turned out great. Wasn't the prittiest cake I ever done but it tasted really good. Everyone liked it and it isn't as heavy as the other cheesecakes which is good after a big meal. I usually feel all stuffed after eating a cheesecake but you don't get that at all with this one.

Don't really know why it inflated as much as it did but I still think it was okey for a first try. May not look as pritty as the photos I have seen but I hope for a better outcome next time. We just hade some fruit to go with it but it was quite good on its one to. Maby a bit flavourless if I'm being honest, think I will add some vanila extract next time just to get some flavour in to it.

The recipe I used came from this blog and had som greate tips! http://www.thelittleteochew.com/2011/03/japanese-cheesecake-tips-tricks.html


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